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Bottle Designs for Juice

Here is a selection of innovative bottle designs tailored to your juice production line. Elevate your product's appeal with these enticing containers to capture consumers and enhance brand recognition. Explore a range of options to bring a fresh aesthetic to your juice packaging.

When designing a Bottle type for Water, we need to take into account the following parameters:

  • Maximum Pressure: in PSI 
  • Volume / Capacity in ml
  • Temperature Range: in degrees centigrade
  • Height
  • Width
  • Cap Type: Srew, pop, plastic
  • etc

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Bottle Design Gallery

Here is a selection of the bottle designs we have used with other customers for this type of liquid.

200ml+20g 200ml+24g
250ml+20g 250ml+16g

380ml+27g 500ml+20g 1500ml+35g 1500ml+32g

Learn More about these Liquid Types

Liquids come in a variety of forms, from water to carbonated soft drinks to juice drinks. Each type has unique properties and can be used for different purposes. Understanding the different types of liquids can help us make better decisions when it comes to choosing the right liquid for a particular application.

Juice Drinks

The sweet, refreshing juices, combined with the words "natural", "freshly squeezed" and attractive fruit drawings on the packaging, make people firmly...

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Other Liquids

With the constant development of the economy and continuous improvement of people's material and spiritual life, the issue of health food safety has...

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Choose a Machine

Consider the type of product you will be producing, your budget, and the speed of production needed. Analyze and compare the different machines' features and decide which one best suits your needs.

500-1000BPH Juice Bottle Washing Machine

Automatic bottle washing machine QS series, the German SEN company at the beginning of 90s, according to the situation of our country developed, by...


500-1000BPH Juice Bottle Capping Machine

The unique design makes it compatible with bottle screw caps of various shapes and sizes, with strong compatibility and easy adjustment; Adjustable...


4-in-1 Pulp Juice Filling Machine

4-in-1 Pulp juice filling machine . Standard type of RCGF series hot filling machine is "4-in-1".aiming at special production condition,one...


PET Bottle Mango Juice With Pulp Filling Machine 4-in-1

Grape Juice vinegar apple juice filling plant apple juice filling machine . Standard type of RCGF series hot filling machine is “3-in-1”.aiming at...



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