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Kelvinejoe Engineering Services juice production line is mainly applicable to tea, juice, including milk drinks, functional drinks, etc.
The standard type of filling machine is "three in one", which is integrated with washing filling and capping. For special production conditions, it can also add a sterilizing bottle, that is, "four in one". The production capacity can reach 2500-26000 b/h, with a total power of 3-20 kW and a total weight of 2200-18000 kg. It is suitable for round or square bottles. The above technical parameters are for reference only. We can adjust them according to your requirements. The good hot juice filling machine is an option you can't miss.

Water Treatment System

Kelvinejoe Engineering Services specialized in water&beverage producing and packing solutions since 2002. Modern factory of 6000 square meters.
Over 40 countries' customers are using Kelvinejoe Engineering Services. We cam provide 24 months long warranty and the whole production line, factory design, design bottle, provide a layout diagram, provide auxiliary materials supply agent information, machine installation and debugging, staff training and soon.