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On this page, you will find the contact details (phone number and email) of the heads of each department in case you want to contact a specific department head. If you want an immediate response, we recommend using the contact form below, as you are guaranteed to receive a reply from an expert within an hour (time zone permitting).

The more information you can give on the contact form, the easier it will be to direct your contact to the most relevant person in the most appropriate department. Any data you provide Kelvinejoe Engineering Services Ltd will be used in the strictest confidence in accordance with our privacy policy.

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Contact Details for each Department

Feel free to contact these departments directly if you have a specific question. We cannot guarantee an immediate reply due to the workloads and work schedules of the department heads. If you would like an immediate reply we recommend using the contact form above.

Coming to Nigeria?

If you are in Nigeria or planning to visit soon, why not arrange a visit to our factory installations? We are always delighted to welcome customers and potential customers to visit and experience the Kelvinejoe Engineering Services Ltd Manufacturing and Production process. Please let us know in advance what dates you would like to visit so we can ensure that you are attended in the best way possible.