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Can filling machine

Kelvinejoe Engineering Services is an industry-leading Sales & Installer of can-filling machines in Nigeria, providing an extensive selection of can-filling and sealing / seaming machines, including beer can-filling machines with high quality, competitively priced, and with expert maintenance service.  Our automatic beverage can-filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the industry. For beer companies or water plants who want to build their can packaging line, our automatic can-filling machines are designed to meet your needs and complete your cans-filling production goals easily.

Working Principle

The automatic can-filling machine is a device developed exclusively by Kelvinejoe MACHINE on the basis of digesting and absorbing domestic and international (still) pop can-filling and seaming machines (sealing machines). The aluminum can filling and sealing machine adopts the normal pressure filling principle. After it passes through the dialing wheel, the empty aluminum can enter the lift supporting disc, and the filling valve is aligned with the empty can, which will rise for sealing. Meanwhile, the valve port of the filling valve is automatically opened. When the filling liquid level blocks the gas return pipe mouth, the filling stops. The filled can will be conveyed to the sealing machine head by the hook chain. The cap will be sent onto the can mouth by the cap rises, the pressing head presses the can mouth, the sealing wheel carries out pre-sealing and then real sealing. After it is sealed, the can is pushed out by the beating head of the cap beating mechanism and then enters into the can discharging procedure .

Features of Beer Can Filling Machine

  • The can filling machine is suitable for filling and sealing effervescent pop can beverages in the industries of pop can beverages (beer).

  • The filling and sealing are of integral design. The principle of normal pressure filling is adopted.

  • All parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel.

  • Compact structure, saving workshop space, PLC control, and high degree of automation.


The aluminum can filling and sealing machine we designed and developed is widely used.
 Suitable for energy drinks, juice drinks, carbonated drinks, etc., filling and sealing. Can filling and seaming machine for fruit juice(noncarbonated) has such prominent features as high filling speed, consistent height from the liquid level in the can to the can mouth after filling, stable machine operation, good sealing quality, beautiful and decent appearance, convenient use and maintenance, etc.

Why Choose Kelvinejoe's Automatic Can Filling Machine?

Kelvinejoe, as a filling line Sales & Installer, has 18 years of experience in market development and sales, with a modern production plant of 6,000 square meters and professional filling, blow molding, labeling, and packaging machinery; filling technology for water, tea, juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, liquid drinks, beer, edible oil, and other products, selection of filling bottle types for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and aluminum cans.

We can provide a 24-month warranty, free parts, and effective service. Do we have the equipment certification certificate? CE, ISO, SGS, TUV. Choosing us to be the automatic can filling and sealing machine Sales & Installer for your water plant should be a good choice. Contact us to get a wholesale price!

Product Parameters of Can Filling Machine

Model DCGF12-4 DCGF18-4 DCGF20-4 DCGF30-6
Production Capacity 5000CPH 8000CPH 12000CPH 18000CPH
Can diameter(mm) φ52.5-99
Can height(mm) 39-160
Power(kw) 3.5 5.5 6.75 7.5
Weight(kg) 2500 3500 4000 5000
Dimension(mm) 2100*1500*1900 2450*1750*2200 2650*2200*2200 3050*2250*2200

The above aluminum can filling bottle machine technical parameters are subject to continuous update,please take the real product as the base. Product details of can filling machine, you can contact us to know more.

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